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Dr. Amyn Dahya's book holds the key to shape healthy attitudes, build self confidence, gain peace and tranquillity.

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About the author

Dr. Amyn Dahya underwent a rich spiritual experience after a life threatening accident in Kashmir in 1987. He was subsequently blessed with a clarity of knowledge he knew needed to be shared widely, for happiness and empowerment.

He has penned his learning in 7 books, and 3 audios thus far, teaches meditation for self growth, healing and balance, and writes weekly quotes & thoughts to ponder.


Who should read this book?

The author, Dr. Amyn Dahya, wrote this book with the expressed intent to reach fellow humans who are looking to build self confidence, obtain a healthy attitude and a better view on themselves and the world around them.

Look to this book as a personal guide for advice and solutions that will offer peace and tranquillity and better ways to understand and solve our daily problems.

What the readers think

  • “I now have much better self esteem and used the mental tools in the book to make better decisions for myself and my family.”

    Elsa Holmblad
  • “I've had some troubles in recent years and this really helped me regain my self confidence."

    George Spencer
  • “If not for this book, I would be sitting at home feeling sorry for myself. It helped me get out of my bad rhythm and I feel much better now.”

    Joanie Fisher
    New Zealand

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An invaluable personal guide, providing daily inspirations that helps shape healthy attitudes, build self confidence, gain peace and tranquillity, clearly understand our problems, make decisions that lead us towards success and fulfilment.

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